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Yep, I've been here! Information coming soon!

Average Costs

The daily total includes all lodging, food, booze, transportation, sightseeing, visas, etc. I don't include the money I spend on gifts for friends and I do not include the flight price.

Being Vegetarian in Laos

Lao Vegetarian Phrases

Language Meaning Phrase / Pronunciation


I eat only veggies khoy kin ta park 

i no eat meat khoy bo kin siin 

no put fish sauce bo sai naam plaa 

put egg okay sai k'hai mai 

Useful Local Phrases for Laos

Language Meaning Phrase / Pronunciation


thank you com jai
comb chai

hello sabbai dii 

Articles & Adventures

Helpful information and fun adventures!

Blog Entries

More of a personal nature, my un-related diary-like (hmmm or blog-like?) daily thoughts and activities; the things that don't warrant their own article/adventure post.