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And I thought Thailand was good for the budget! This is an easy country to get around, inexpensive, with a good variety of locations to visit. Being from the US, it was very interesting visiting the war sites and learning about the history and how the North conquered the horrible Americans. Seeing the historical ruins that were bombed in the war was a bit hard to take. But the people are so welcoming.

It's an interesting mix of older people set in the traditional culture and the younger generation all walking around in bluejeans and holding a smart phone. Picture walking down the sidewalk next to both a woman in a typical straw hat carrying her wares in baskets at the end of a pole across her back and a teenager in full modern clothing yapping on his smart phone. Oh, and have fun crossing the street in Saigon! :)

Average Costs

The daily total includes all lodging, food, booze, transportation, sightseeing, visas, etc. I don't include the money I spend on gifts for friends and I do not include the flight price.

Being Vegetarian in Vietnam

Vietnamese Vegetarian Phrases

Language Meaning Phrase / Pronunciation


I am vegetarian tôi ăn chay
doi ann (like the name) chai (like the drink)

no fish sauce khong muoc mam
mam is more like mom

no meat, chicken, or fish không thịt, gà, đồ biển 

vegetarian food/restaurant com chay
chai (like the drink)

Useful Local Phrases for Vietnam

Language Meaning Phrase / Pronunciation


i'm sorry xin lỗi
sin lo'i

please lam on
lam own (like you own a car)

thank you cam on
gam own (like you own a car)

beef thịt bò
tit baw

chicken thịt gà
tit gaa

coffee hot cafe seur non
seur goes up like a question

coffee iced cafe seur daa
both seur and daa go up like a question cafe sua? daa?

fish ca 

pork thịt heo
tit he'o

hello xin chào
sin chow

see you again hen gap lai 

0 cowm
cow (as in moo-cow)

1 mot 

10 muoi
like Spanish muy

11 muoi mot 

2 hai 

20 hai muoi 

3 ba 

4 bon 

5 nam 

6 sau 

7 bay 

8 tam 

9 chin 

check thin tien
teen tien


Wow, the iced coffee will take the enamel off your teeth. It takes a bit of getting used to but it's now one of my favorite things! It's as rich as a good coffee ice cream. It's usually brewed to order in a cloth filter and served with sweetened condensed milk. Ca phe sua daa (rasiing your voice on the sua and daa as if they were a question)

What to Wear

Vietnam is typical SE Asia conservative. Capris or over-the-knee skirts are prefect and steer clear of spaghetti tanks. T-shirts are prefect, sleeveless tanks are okay, and you'll want at least one long-sleeve item for temples, to protect from the sun, and in the evening for mosquitoes. Even when in town in beach areas, you CAN wear skimpy clothes but you won't see the locals doing it. In some areas (smaller towns) the locals still swim in shorts and a shirt so keep an eye on your surroundings and don't be the only one in a tiny bikini.

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