My Travel Life Takes Another Hit
Mar 7, 2022   
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The neighborhood where I would be pet sitting.
The neighborhood where I would be pet sitting.
Long Haul COVID strikes again. I just canceled pet-sitting in Bali.
Can I sulk a little more? I just cancelled a pet sitting gig in Bali that I've had planned for years! :( It was originally supposed to be in 2020 but we all know what happened there. The home owners have been great and we've kept in touch until they are finally able to take their cruise (that requires said pet sitter).

We touched base once after I had COVID, but I figured my lingering symptoms were still normal at that point and that they would get better and better, not worse, so I told them I was still up for it if government entry requirements allowed it.

As it turns out, the COVID requirements (even though more relaxed now) would still cost me an additional $1,000 for the 3 PCR tests, required travel insurance, and mandatory quarantine hotel package, so that alone would probably cause me to tell them I couldn't make it.

But the real deal-breaker is my health. The severity of my mental/cognitive and physical deficits are like a rollercoaster and not only does it scare me to be in such a remote town in a developing country for so long, but I'm honestly not sure if I could properly care for their home and pets at this point. The absent-minded stuff I've been doing lately! OMG this all just sucks. :(

On top of that, my plan was to stay in Indonesia after they returned and take the remainder of the time on my visa to travel around. Flying to Bali is a long way to go for just a few weeks of house sitting! But again, at this point with my health the way it is, I simply can't do that (as a tear rolls down my cheek).

I'm depressed now. Travel (my main "happy" in life) is really taking a hit.
Metlasti celebration in front of the house I sat in Bali in 2019.
Metlasti celebration in front of the house I sat in Bali in 2019.


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