Poker Night in a Small Town
Jun 5, 2020   Costa Rica
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So I've gone from just starting to scratch the surface of the social scene here, to lockdown isolation, and back out to socializing again. Even though it might not seem like it at first glance, this town really does have a lot to offer. Last night my friend invited me to poker night, which I've heard about, but figured it might not be something I ever partake in. Mostly because I'm not really a poker player, or not at all, so I figured slim chance I would ever end up there.

So many things here could be right out of a movie. An all but closed down little bar (or maybe it is actually closed come to think of it due to the virus restrictions, so even better) ... A closed down little bar with one table near the door for poker, kitchen counter-tops full of dishes, and an otherwise somewhat deserted looking space. I felt like I was a part of something special. Like not just any Joe off the street could walk in and join this group.

Such an interesting mix of people from my friend who is always done up cute with makeup and jewelry, to an older skinny cowboy and his lovely wife with an incredibly friendly aura, the female bar owner, some guys I have met around town before, two dogs (the giant scary Rottweiler that used to charge the fence when you walked by just died a few weeks ago), and a few more new people. And then there was me, the one who happily partook in the shot of tequila, then continued to drink one glass of wine too many.

This morning I made it to my 7am swim in the gulf and will do my workout videos today. My workout buddy and I are on such a good roll!


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