What a Year to Start Traveling Full Time
Jul 30, 2020   
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I have been fine being stuck in Costa Rica. More than fine, actually. If we can't travel around due to COVID-19, then this is pretty much traveling anyway. I'm in a foreign country, living a wonderful life in nature, meeting new people, and getting to experience a different culture.

But what's going to happen moving forward? My visa (now extended from Apr 30 to Nov 18) will run out eventually once the country opens back up and people from the US can technically get out of the country without buying an expensive seat on one of the (many) repatriation flights.

If I go home, not many countries are even accepting US passports. Costa Rica will, as long as you fly in from having at least 14 COVID-free days in one of the currently allowed countries (Canada, EU, UK) but one of the requirements is purchasing rather travel insurance!! Deal-breaker right there. But not only that, US citizens are not allowed into any of the countries that are allowed to fly to Costa Rica. How convenient. At the moment, I'm grandfathered in, so to speak, so I need to stay put.

I have even been thinking about buying a place here on the beach (or maybe even Monteverde) to have as a home base, but I would not be able to afford to come back to Costa Rica with the current requirements. Who knows how long those will be in place. I could apply for my residency, but how much does that cost?!

My ex said I could probably go stay in his rental down in Panama in Pedasi (of course a kiteboarding location - cringe) for free for the rest of 2020. I sure would love to start getting on the move and checking out other places but not only is travel risky at the moment, but I would basically not be able to get back into Costa Rica after that. Which, shoot, maybe that's fine. But CR is such a GOOD place to be right now. They keep extending the visas, they offer free medical care to anyone who needs it for the coronavirus, and it's a safe place to be. Not to mention all my new incredible friends!

But all of this has me looking even further ahead. Once I can get to SE Asia, then what? Am I going to have the same problems jumping around from country to country? It's not like I just want to go on vacation, this is my future life we're talking about here.


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